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BlackBerry owners have eye for iPhone, Nexus One

BlackBerry may be losing users to competitors in next upgrade cycle, according to a new study.

Round 6: Fight! Matt Hickey

It appears many BlackBerry users aren't married to their choice of smartphones.

The company has succeeded by putting the low-cost but functional wireless devices into the hands of mid-level execs with no previous smartphone experience. BlackBerry wasn't much (for the most part) of an innovator technologically as it was in business and that's OK. As a nerd, though, it's the tech that appeals to me, and that's why I go for things like my iPhone. And I'm not the only one.

Indeed, a recent survey by Crowd Science of smartphone owners shows that 40 percent of BlackBerry users--are planning to switch from their current devices to Apple's iPhone when their current contract expires. What's more, 32 percent, nearly a third, would switch from their BlackBerry to Google's Android-powered Nexus One if given the chance.

The study also shows that about 90 percent of iPhone and Android users don't plan on switching devices when their next chance to upgrade comes. The highest BlackBerry scored here was about 66 percent.

This does show that the majority of BlackBerry owners plan to stay as BlackBerry owners, but the loyalty rate is far lower than with other smartphone makers. This would suggest that Apple and Google have a chance to chisel away at RIM's users and, most likely, will.