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BlackBerry now takes care of business on iPhone, Android

BlackBerry now separates business and pleasure even if you have an iPhone or Android phone, with the Secure Work Spaces app.

BlackBerry now separates business and pleasure even if you have an iPhone or Android phone. The BB system for securing your company data is available as an app from iTunes or Google play.

Secure Work Space is an iOS or Android app that fences off work email and attachments, work calendar and contacts, and work documents from the apps containing your personal information.

SecureWork Space is built around BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the latest version of BB's suit-and-tie software, itself a separate app. Your phone is secured at the device, server and network level, like BlackBerry's own phones, but your company has to buy into the software and must pay for a license for each phone or tablet.

As smart phones become ubiquitous, the folks who build blowers are increasingly looking for new people to buy them, whether it's people in developing markets who haven't owned phones before, or people in existing markets who previously couldn't use consumer devices. The business market is a real target of opportunity, especially as BlackBerry loses ground. IT departments are increasingly amenable to you keeping your work stuff on your own phone -- known as bring your own device (BYOD), but security is still paramount.

Samsung, for one, is also working on a business-focussed system, called Knox.

Do you use your phone for work, or do you still have to have two phones? Has BYOD made your life easier, or are you a slave to the office even when you're not there? Tell me your thoughts or separate your personal opinions from your business ideas on our Facebook page.