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BlackBerry Messenger saves your battery in BB10 screenshots

Screenshots of the popular free BlackBerry Messenger service have emerged showing how BlackBerry 10 will save your battery.

This is what the next generation of BlackBerry Messenger will look like. Screenshots of the popular free messaging service have emerged showing how it'll work in BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 is the next version of the software that powers BlackBerry phones. Included with the updated software is a new-look BlackBerry Messenger, designed to help your battery last longer, which will arrive later in the year.

N4BB reveals leaked screenshots purported to show off the new style for BBM. The new-look messaging app has darker colours, which won't require the screen to be so bright and so will save your battery. Changing to a black background can cut power consumption by around 25 per cent, the leaked images claim.

BlackBerry builder Research in Motion also claims the software is optimised for the OLED screens on the first BB10 phones and will cut power consumption by 75 per cent. That's a heck of a battery boost when you're BBMing!

The first phones for BB10 are reckoned to be the L and N series. The L series is a touchscreen model, while the N series sports a signature BlackBerry physical Qwerty keyboard.

There's a lot riding on the forthcoming BlackBerrys. Despite being the father of the modern smart phone, the BlackBerry has been left far behind by the iPhone and Android phones.

Can a new look for BBM help BlackBerry get back in the game? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.