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BlackBerry London specs and BB10 gesture videos leak

A bounty of BlackBerry leaks reveal the processor behind RIM's first BB10 phones, and the software's gesture tutorial.

The next BlackBerry phones may be many months away yet, but already we're getting a near-complete picture of what RIM will reveal when BB10 launches next year, as specs and video guides for the next round of BlackBerry gear leaks.

BlackBerry London specifications have emerged at, tipping RIM's first BlackBerry 10 phone to have a 4.2-inch display with a 1,280x768-pixel resolution.

That pixel count matches an announcement from RIM itself, which revealed the resolution of its first phones running the new BB10 operating system. Subsequent touchscreen-only BlackBerry 10 phones will all have a slightly lower resolution, to make it easier for app developers to craft software for the new platform.

An 8-megapixel camera with a 2-megapixel front-facing counterpart are also listed -- we know that BB10 has some interesting camera features in store, so here's hoping the snapper hardware is capable of nabbing a decent snap.

Speaking of BB10, a separate leak video has revealed the gesture controls that you'll get for the next major BlackBerry phone. Four clips have turned up at BlackBerryItalia -- the ones embedded below show how you can unlock the phone or check notifications by swiping up from the bottom of the phone, for instance.

RIM is counting on all this new tech to save its business-focused bacon -- is it enough, or will the once-king of the smart phone world be consigned to the digital scrapheap along with Myspace and MiniDiscs? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: rapidberry