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BlackBerry kills laptops, Windows 8 woes in Podcast 315

The laptop is dead -- killed by BlackBerry. We discuss that bold claim, Windows 8's disappointing debut, and much more.

Come in laptops, your time is up. That's according to the boss of BlackBerry, who says the next generation of BlackBerry 10 will kill off laptops.

When they manage to stop laughing, the CNET UK podcast team discuss this bold claim and the rest of the week's technology news. We cast a charitable eye over The People's Operator, a new phone network that donates a slice of your phone bill to good causes, and a less charitable eye over Windows 8, which isn't exactly managing boffo business.

We remember not to hit 'Reply all' while digesting the news that a Taliban press officer forgot to use Bcc when sending an email. And we check out the manliest frying pan ever made, the Fighting Man Frying Pan.

Then it's over to you, esteemed listener, for your thoughts, comments and questions. Is it worth buying a 7-inch tablet when you already have a 4-inch phone? Is YouView worth a look? Where to start with a Raspberry Pi? And why are some phone chargers different when they're all supposed to be the same these days?

So whether you're looking for technological help and advice or just need to blow off steam about the gadgetry of the moment, tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page -- where you can mingle with like-minded tech-heads and peek behind the scenes at CNET Towers too.

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