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BlackBerry Key2 US preorders start June 29, on sale July 13

Time to get your button-mashing skills up to par.

Josh Miller/CNET

Fans of physical keyboards: get ready. 

BlackBerry's Key2 phone will be available in the US for preorder starting on June 29, according to a tweet from BlackBerry Mobile. 

Announced earlier this month, the Key2 is the successor to 2017's BlackBerry KeyOne. Like that phone, the Key2 is a premium Android phone with BlackBerry's iconic QWERTY keyboard. 

CNET's Jessica Dolcourt has been using the Key2 for a few days and says the overall device design is improved, but says the keyboard presents a "steep learning curve for people who currently use all-touch phones."

"It's kicking my ass," she adds.

You can read her full BlackBerry Key2 hands-on experience so far, which includes full specs and pricing for the device. 

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