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BlackBerry Key2 LE preorders go live on Amazon and Best Buy

The freshened-up BlackBerry phone will start shipping in the US later this month.


The BlackBerry Key2 LE adds a little color to the standard Key2 (and takes a chunk off the price).

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Physical-keyboard lovers rejoice. You can now preorder the BlackBerry Key2 LE on Amazon and Best Buy.

The phone comes dual-SIM and unlocked, so you can use it with AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.

The Key2 LE is a newer and more affordable version of the BlackBerry Key2. TCL (which owns the BlackBerry phone brand) made some compromises to get the price down on the Key2 LE, like swapping out the Snapdragon 660 processor with a Snapdragon 636 chip, and slightly lowering the RAM and storage options. But that allows the BlackBerry Key2 LE to start at just $399, while the standard Key2 starts at $649.

The Key2 LE also comes in three different colors -- atomic red, slate and champagne -- which add a little pizzazz compared the Key2's black and silver hues.

Right now, you can preorder the slate Key2 LE on Amazon and Best Buy, or the champagne Key2 LE on Amazon -- sorry, looks like the red isn't yet available. Both phones come with 64GB of storage and cost $450. The slate version will ship on Oct. 12, while the champagne version ships Nov. 2.

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Originally published Oct. 2.
Update, Oct. 5:
Added Best Buy availability.