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BlackBerry handset shortcuts

Want to work smarter not harder? Check out our list of the best and most useful shortcuts for your BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry OS has been evolving now for nearly a decade and through its many iterations a wealth of shortcuts have been introduced across many of the major applications to make using your smartphone so much easier.

BlackBerry handsets are famous for their full-QWERTY keyboards, and as such, many of the application shortcuts incorporate combinations of keystrokes, similar to shortcuts you'll use on a desktop computer. Below is the most recent list of shortcuts as compiled by BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion for its Bold 9000 handset, though most if not all of these shortcuts will work for BlackBerry handsets with physical keyboards.

Basic shortcuts

Search for contact Type contact name or initials separated by space
Search for text in messages S
Search for text on web page or attachment F
Insert a full stop Space twice, next letter is capitalised
Insert "@" in an email address Space twice after username
Capitalise letter Hold letter until capital appears
Highlight a line of text Hold Alt and select text with trackball
Copy text Hold Alt and click Trackball
Cut text Hold Alt and Backspace
Paste text Hold Shift and click Trackball
Switch application Hold Alt and press Esc until the desired app is highlighted then release Alt

Messaging shortcuts — inbox

View received messages Alt + I
View sent messages Alt + O
View SMS Alt + S
Open highlighted message Enter
Compose new message C
Move up the list Shift + Space
Move down the list Space
Go to top of list T
Go to bottom of list B
Go to previous date range P

Messaging shortcuts — in open message

To reply R
To reply all L
To forward a message F
View email address of sender Highlight sender then press Q
Go to next date range N
Next unopened item U
Next related item J
Previous related item K

Web browser shortcuts

Zoom in on page I
Zoom out on page O
Open bookmarks K
Add bookmark A
Go to Home H
Open history Y
Refresh a page R
Stop a page loading Esc
Select a link Highlight link + Enter
Move up a page Shift + Space
Move down a page Space
Go to top of a page T
Go to bootom of a page B
Hide/display banner U
Save web page to message list S
Insert "." in address bar Space
Insert "/" in address bar Shift + Space
Hide the browser D
Close the browser Hold Esc until it closes

Calender shortcuts — day view

Change to week view W
Change to month view M
Back to day view D
Schedule appointment C
Move to next day/week/month Soace
Move to previous day/week/month Shift + Space
Go to current day T
Go to specific date G

Multimedia controls

Take a photo Use dedicated camera key
Camera zoom in Up volume
Camera zoom out Down volume
Camera flash mode Space in camera software
Next song in playlist Hold volume down
Previos song in playlist Hold volume up
Play/pause playlist Mute key
Move from playlist to media controls Space
Rotate image in gallery R
Zoom in image in gallery I
Zoom out image in gallery O