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BlackBerry Gemini 9300--cool, but still not an iPhone killer

Blackberry remains the dominant enterprise mobile device, but RIM needs to step up to beat the iPhone.

BoyGenius Report got their hands on the BlackBerry Gemini 9300, which introduces a larger screen and 3G capability to what looks very much like the existing Curve model. As a dedicated Blackberry user, this new model looks nice, but it's not that big of a thrill.

Blackberry Gemini
Blackberry Gemini RIM (via BoyGenius Report)

I've seen more and more long-time Blackberry users switch to the iPhone for the the user interface and App Store (while lamenting the lack of keyboard) and I have to say that as BB fan, I don't see a lot of compelling new things in recent products. Of course, that's probably OK for most users, but the gadget world is moving way too fast for RIM to put out only a few new devices on relative timescales.

The Blackberry remains the dominant enterprise mobile solution but with so many other options starting to show up, one has to wonder how long this lack of serious innovation can last.