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BlackBerry e-mail utility Bccthis helps you talk about people behind their backs

Bccthis can add a private message to select recipients at the same time you send a public one.

Bccthis logo

There's no shortage of e-mail utilities for BlackBerry phones, and a new one entered the market this week. Like Gwabbit (review) and Xobni, Bccthis began as an Outlook add-on and migrated to the next most popular intersection of business users--the BlackBerry. At CTIA, we got a hands-on demo of the free Bccthis for BlackBerry.

Bccthis on Blackberry
Bccthis adds a private message on top of a public one. Bccthis

As with the desktop version, Bccthis adds a component to the e-mail composition screen on BlackBerry where you can send a private message to one or more of the message recipients. The recipients receive the original message, plus a second one detailing the private note. While there are still two messages populating the recipient's in-box, Bccthis saves the sender a step by essentially sending two e-mails in one.

As a plus, anyone can see a Bccthis message, but if the recipient is also scanning e-mail from their BlackBerry and have Bccthis installed, they get the benefit of a more beautified reading interface.

We can see a lot of practical scenarios where Bccthis would come in handy. However, the nervous Chihuahua in us needs some reassurance that private messages remain private in practice, not just in theory. Especially if said private message involves any quantity of snark, subterfuge, or cynicism.

Bccthis is free for BlackBerry, but future premium features will be available for those business users looking to do more with the app.