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BlackBerry Curve 9320 less than £100 as RIM sales struggle

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has dropped in price to less than a hundred quid as sales fall off a cliff.

Fancy a bargain-basement BlackBerry? The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has dropped in price to less than a hundred quid, as sales fall off a cliff.

The 9320 can be yours for just £99 from Phones4U. That's about £50 less than equivalent Android phones -- cheap as chips considering the 9320 only debuted six months ago. Contract deals are incredibly affordable too, with two-year deals for as little as £10.50 per month bagging you a free phone.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is stuffed with social network features, with a dedicated BlackBerry Messenger button right in the middle of the phone that instantly fires up the popular free IM app. Apps for Facebook and Twitter are already aboard too.

BlackBerry builder Research in Motion is desperate to claw back some of the ground it's lost to the iPhone and particularly Android. Android phones come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of price, leading users to abandon their BlackBerrys in droves. In the last year, RIM's share of the market has nosedived from 19 per cent of the market to 8 per cent. The situation is even more parlous in the US, where BlackBerrys make up less than 2 per cent of sales.

RIM is pinning its hopes on BlackBerry 10, the next generation of BB software. BlackBerry 10 will be unveiled in the new year on two new phones. RIM's so confident it's even predicted the next generation of BlackBerry will kill the laptop.

But in the meantime, BlackBerry fans can take advantage of reduced prices. To see if the Curve 9320 is worth dropping ninety-nine sheets, hit play on this 'ere video:

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Are you counting on a Curve for Christmas? Is this a BlackBerry bargain or a waste of money? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.