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BlackBerry Bold software update brings visual voicemail, more

AT&T releases a software update that brings visual voicemail and other enhancements to the RIM BlackBerry Bold.

Corinne Schulze/CNET

On Tuesday afternoon, AT&T will release a software update for the RIM BlackBerry Bold that will bring several enhancements to the smartphone. Such improvements include the ability to manually choose between a 2G or 3G connection and added support for AT&T's visual voicemail service. In addition, you'll get download icons for MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris, and Scrabble, as well as some other "general handset optimizations."

BlackBerry Bold owners can get the software update several ways. You can download it over the air by going to the Options menu on your device, selecting Advanced Options, and then Wireless Update. Alternatively, you can get it from BlackBerry's support site or via BlackBerry Desktop Manager by downloading the update from AT&T.