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BlackBerry 'Blackforest' 10-inch tablet release date leaked

RIM is plotting a supersized PlayBook, pencilled in for release next autumn, according to a leaked roadmap.

RIM is plotting a supersized BlackBerry PlayBook, pencilled in for release next autumn, according to leaked plans that also detail new BlackBerry 10 phones.

The company roadmap surfaced at fansite BlackBerryOS, and looks to reveal the biggest BlackBerry gadgets for the next year, as well as their release dates. This winter we can expect to see a 4G version of the PlayBook (though that'll likely be confined to the US), before the first BlackBerry 10 mobiles launch early next year.

Those will be the touchscreen-sporting London and the more traditional Qwerty-shaped 'Nevada', according to the confidential calendar. RIM has already said the first BB10 phones will be touchscreen-only, so expect to see the London hitting shelves first.

The Blackforest is the next major device, expected to beam down in the third quarter of 2013, or July-September in non-marketing speak. The roadmap doesn't specify the exact screen size, though the icon shows that it's obviously larger than the current PlayBook, while the '128' could point to its storage capacity.

The 'Nashville' and 'Naples' are also shown on the roadmap, though with no accompanying icons to hint at what they'll look like.

It's no secret that RIM is on the rocks, having recently delayed its new operating system to 2013. Reports suggest the company is under pressure to sell off bits of its business -- could a larger PlayBook reverse RIM's fortunes? Or is it simply a case of too little too late? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: BlackBerryOS