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BlackBerry + Apple = AppleBerry?

BlackBerry + Apple = AppleBerry?

AppleBerry--no, we're not talking about the latest flavor of Snapple here, but the latest prediction from Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Capital, who correctly forecasted a partnership between Research in Motion and Intel last year. Misek is now saying that a joint effort between RIM and Apple could be possible, since each company lacks what the other provides. By creating a BlackBerry embedded with Apple's iTunes software, RIM would be able to reach more consumers, while Apple would finally have a presence in the wireless-communication sector. Another idea that was thrown around was an iPod with integrated RIM wireless technology. Jean-Louis Gassee, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley who once oversaw Apple's global products division and research and development, said the partnership would "technically" work but was more concerned with whether the "strong personalities" at both companies would be able to work together. "I want to see the two CEOs of RIM and Jobs working together," he said. "The thought of this ménage à trois is absolutely hilarious." What do you guys think? Would you like to see these two companies pair up? Talk back to me below.

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