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BlackBerry App World hits 1 billion downloads

The application store is seeing 3 million downloads each day, according to new data released by Research In Motion.

A view into the BlackBerry App World.
A view into the BlackBerry App World. Research In Motion

Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World has reached a significant milestone.

According to the mobile company, 1 billion applications have been downloaded from the mobile marketplace since it launched a little over two years ago. According to RIM, the store, which is running in some BlackBerry smartphones and the company's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, is available in over 100 countries around the world.

RIM's announcement yesterday may have been badly timed, though. Less than a week ago, Apple announced that 15 billion applications have been downloaded from its App Store since that marketplace launched in 2008. Apple hit 1 billion downloads in just nine months, easily outpacing RIM. Apple's App Store then reached 5 billion downloads last June and 10 billion in January.

RIM is also trailing far behind Google's Android Market. In May, the search giant announced that 4.5 billion applications had been downloaded from its marketplace. Google also said that it tallies another billion downloads every 60 days.

For its part, RIM says that its store sees 3 million downloads a day.