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BlackBerry 8820: RIM rams Wi-Fi and GPS into the 8800

The first BlackBerry to feature the modern wonder of Wi-Fi, the 8820 is an email beast that also boasts GPS for all your getting unlost needs

On the surface, the BlackBerry 8820 smart phone is identical to its gleaming older brother the BlackBerry 8800 -- and it shares some of its specs too. But RIM has added a few extra features into the mix that make the 8820 a bit of a beast.

Unlike any BlackBerry to date, the 8820 has built-in Wi-Fi, meaning you can access the Internet and your emails quickly and easily when you're in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. We still would have liked to have seen 3G for true Web freedom, but this is still a vast improvement over the 8800.

As with the 8800, the 8820 comes with a built-in GPS receiver, so you won't get lost on the way to meetings. All the standard BlackBerry email features are present so you can send and receive messages instantly. Plus there's a music player and expandable microSD slot that will support up to 2GB of music or photos.

There's still no camera, but the more secretive companies don't allow them inside anyway, so that's understandable. That said, we would like to see a version in the future that does feature a camera so you can take the odd snapshot when you're away from the 9-to-5. Expect a full review soon. -Andrew Lim