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Black Wii gets packaged

Nintendo is set to release a black Wii in Japan on August 1. There is no word yet on when it will arrive in the U.S., but perhaps we'll see it in stores before the holidays.


In case you missed Nintendo's announcement last month, a new Wii is launching in Japan on August 1. It's the same as the old Wii, but it's finished in black instead of white.

While Nintendo already released images of the black Wii, this is the first shot we've seen of the packaging, which looks, well, a whole lot like the packaging for the original Wii--but darker and more mature.

When will the black Wii come to the U.S.? There's no word yet, though you'd think Nintendo would have it out here in time for the holiday season. Personally, I prefer all my game consoles in black to match my home theater components, but I doubt I'd pick up a second system just for the new color.

Is anybody holding out for a black Wii, or any other color for that matter?

(Via Engadget)