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'Black Mirror' episode 'San Junipero' gets an official soundtrack

Because Netflix just can't get enough of the '80s.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis appear in "San Junipero."

Netflix/Laurie Sparham

Few things transport you back to a place and time like music. Composer Clint Mansell's soundtrack for the '80s-period "Black Mirror" episode "San Junipero" does just that.

Whether you were there to experience it or not, you'll be able to get a full dose of '80s nostalgia when the 10-track set is released by Lakeshore Records on December 2, according to NME.

Earlier this year, the same label released an original soundtrack for another Netflix series set in the '80s, "Stranger Things."

To be clear, this is the original score created for the Season 3 episode and not the classic '80s hits that really blast you to the past. Series creator Charlie Brooker did, however, set up a 42-track Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.