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Relive 'Black Mirror' gaming nightmares with these AR cupcakes

Netflix's sci-fi tech horror series "Black Mirror" gets a tasty tribute with cupcakes that feature the augmented-reality gopher from the "Playtest" episode.

If you haven't watched season 3 of Netflix's near-futuristic sci-fi series "Black Mirror" yet, at least watch the episode "Playtest" about a guy who gets in over his head while testing the latest in VR video games.

"Playtest" challenges not only our expectations about the future of gaming, but explores what can happen when we care more about being instantly entertained than the impact games might have on our already fragile psyches.

One of the highlights of "Playtest" is the adorable little gopher character the game tester tries to repeatedly
hit whack-a-mole style to earn points.

A video posted Wednesday shows "Black Mirror" fans how to make cupcakes that feature an augmented-reality "Playtest" gopher. The cupcake recipe, listed in the video's YouTube description, is pretty basic, but the encoded toppers make the dessert extra geeky.

Using edible ink and edible image paper, Netflix Kitchen printed an AR code supplied by app maker Zappar, then cut it out and placed it on a thin piece of gum paste. Once the code hardened, the cupcakes were ready to play with and eat.