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Black Friday returns: Get a Fire 7 tablet for $30 and a 65-inch TCL 6 Series for $800

A big screen for the Super Bowl and a second screen to go with it, both at the lowest prices since late November.


The 65-inch TCL 6 Series is so big, you might need a bigger TV stand! (Awesome problem to have.)

Sarah Tew/CNET

The best part of my weekend was the solid hour I spent poring over this book. The actual book. Printed pages and everything. It reminded me of just how much time I usually spend looking at screens -- big, small and in between.

But, dang it, they're so entertaining! I mean, have you seen Travelers on Netflix? Or relaxed with Colorfy on a tablet? Stuff like this is pure gold, which is why I'll always shout out great deals on new screens. Especially when the prices match those of Black Friday.

Let's start big -- as in, Super Bowl-big. For a limited time, Best Buy is once again offering the TCL 6 Series 65-inch Roku 4K TV for $799.99, shipped (plus tax). It normally sells for $970 -- and, oh yeah, it's a CNET Editors' Choice pick.

Although there are cheaper 65-inch TVs, few offer this much value. Obviously the built-in Roku is awesome, but the 6 Series really wowed my fellow editors with its deep blacks, accurate color and excellent overall image quality.

In other words, it's not only affordable, it's also good -- really, really good. (Oh, and really, really big. A 65-inch TV is just a wonderful thing.)


It's nowhere near as powerful as an iPad Pro, but the 8GB Amazon Fire 7 has plenty to offer. Says CNET's David Carnoy, "you'll be hard pressed to find a better entry-level tablet than the 2017 Amazon Fire 7."

Sarah Tew/CNET

A tablet can also be a wonderful thing, offering more screen estate than your phone for a much lower price. How much lower? Well, you've read the headline, but before I share the link, there's a hoop-jump you need to know about: To get this deal, you must use a mobile browser or the Facebook app. If you access this link via your desktop browser, you'll see a higher price.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals (via Facebook) has the Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Alexa for $29.99, shipped. That matches Amazon's Black Friday price; the tablet currently sells for $49.99.

Remember: Mobile browser or Marketplace section of the Facebook app. Otherwise you'll be staring at a $42.49 price tag. (Don't shoot the messenger, folks; I don't make up these deals or rules. Sometimes promotions have odd requirements.)

As I've said before, the Fire 7 may be a little pokey, with a lower-than-average screen resolution, but it's still an amazingly capable device -- and a genuine steal at $30. Will Amazon proper offer this same price again at some point? Almost certainly, but if you don't want to wait, you don't have to.

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