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Black Friday iTunes malware gift scam

Be on the lookout for bogus emails claiming to be from Apple this Black Friday, as there's a scam going down.

Today is Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving that marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. There are always plenty of tech bargains to be had, but beware if you receive an email offer seeming to be from Apple, as it could be part of a scam, the BBC reports.

The email claims to be from Apple's iTunes store, but the attached ZIP file contains malware letting hackers gain access to your computer. Bargain hunters, stay vigilant!

Your passwords will be at risk, and it may slow down your computer and wipe files.

The Eleven security blog claims Black Friday is a popular time for hackers to target customers, because it's such a busy shopping time. The scam claims you've been sent an iTunes store credit, and that to redeem it you need to open the attached file.

Eleven claims the credit is for $50 (£32). There may well be a UK equivalent, seeing as Black Friday is becoming more of a big deal on these shores, with Apple and Amazon getting in on the act.

Bogus emails are also being sent out appearing to be from Facebook -- these ones claim you've violated the regulations and encourage you to click a link which takes your details. This follows the recent Facebook spam attack which saw violent and sexual images appearing in people's news feeds. That involved tricking people into pasting a link into their browser URL bar, which unwittingly led them to share the offensive images.

Apple is offering some deals for Black Friday today, though they weren't revealed at time of writing. Last year they included £80 off a Mac, and £35 off an iPad -- not deal-breakers, but every little helps.

Amazon is also offering up some bargains, but if last year's anything to go by it's a lot of hype, with severe shortages of the bargain products.

Will you be picking up any bargains today? Let us know over on our Facebook page or below in the comments.