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Black AirPods are available now, but not from Apple

I see a white AirPod and I want to paint it black.


Some cowboy hackers wear white, but some insist on going black.

Now you too can differentiate yourself from the masses of sheeple people wearing the plain white Apple AirPod wireless headphones. A site called BlackPods -- in no way affiliated with Apple -- sells custom-painted versions of the popular in-ear wireless headphones.

For $279 it'll sell you the standard "classic" version in a high-gloss finish (above), or a flatter satin finish for a cool $299. Both include the trademark AirPod case in the same color.

BlackPods also offers a custom painting service for $99. Send in your white AirPods, and it'll turn 'em black. 

Apple's standard white AirPods go for $159, and aren't (yet) available in any other color. They're still backordered for six weeks at, but Best Buy is shipping them sooner. The ship time for a pair of BlackPods is two weeks.

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