<b>Kaleidoscope 1.5 problems?: a follow-up

Kaleidoscope 1.5 problems?: a follow-up

Regarding our report last time ofvarious bugs in the just released Kaleidoscope 1.5, many readers wrote in to say that they were having no problems at all. As is usually the case in these situations, the appearance of the bug may depend upon what other software you are using.

For example, Roger Dubar notes that his conflict with Kaleidoscope and SimpleText appeared to be due to a further interaction between Suitcase 2.1.4 and Kaleidoscope. Reversing the loading order of the extensions fixed the problem.

A couple of readers noted some largely cosmetic problems, with menubar items being drawn incorrectly, when Kaleidoscope and Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe were both installed.

Finally, Greg Landweber (author of Kaleidoscope) requests that (in addition to sending bug reports here to MacFixIt) you also notify him.