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Bizarre-trend alert: Soda you can slice

The latest food trend running rampant online involves gelatin treats formed in soda bottles. Like your drinks wiggly?

Mountain Dew Code Red takes on gummy form.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You like soda pop, but it won't hold its shape outside of the bottle. What are you going to do? You're going to make a gelatin-based snack that gives you a squishy edible delicacy you can can hold in your hand.

An Imgur post Tuesday full of GIFs of wobbly soda treats clued us in to this trend, which has been booming since earlier this year. The GIFs are mainly pulled from a series of videos from YouTube channel AwesomeDisneyToys, which went to weird-ville by creating an entire universe of soda-themed gummies. There's everything from a huge 2-liter bottle of Pepsi to a bottle of Powerade done up in Jell-O form.

The results are impressive, but the process is really fairly simple. You pour the soda into a pan on the stove top, add unflavored gelatin, mix it up, heat it on low and then pour the liquid back into the plastic soda bottle. Then you let it sit in the fridge until it sets, cut the bottle off and you get an exact replica of the soda in gummy form. Another method involves mixing the gelatin with a little water, heating it in the microwave and mixing it into the soda.

The final touches involve placing the soda bottle label around the gummy and even screwing the plastic cap onto the top. This method works with just about any drink packaged in a plastic bottle. It can even be done with a bottle of water, though you might want to add some sort of flavoring to make it more interesting.

The gummy sodas are a wonder to behold, but the really good part happens when you cut into it with a knife. Reason tells you it shouldn't work, but then you end up with delicious slices of solid soda. Crazy pants.

AwesomeDisneyToys' video for making a Coca-Cola bottle gummy has near 18 million views, which edges this into viral phenomenon territory. Now go forth and make some and let the world marvel as you nibble from the side of your Mountain Dew bottle.