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Bizarre rap video from Chinese youth party is propaganda at its most cringeworthy

"Aspiring and friendly" hip hop collective CD REV want to show the world that China is awesome.

The Chinese Communist Youth League and CD REV, a rap group from southwest China, want to set the record straight on what the real China is like.

The solution? A bizarre English-language hip hop track called "This is China" and an accompanying video, both of which dropped on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo late last week.

The 4-minute song, which has received nearly 50,000 shares, seeks to "restore the impression you have" of China, which the rappers say has been "exactly fabricated by [the] media for a long time."

Some highlights: "First things first, we all know that China is developing country, it has large population and it is really hard to manage." There's also, "But they are like the first or sec generation of rich, not well-educated, but now young men like us, aspiring and friendly."

It's not the first jarring attempt at millenial-friendly propaganda to come out of the country. Last October we were treated to this catchy little number on the country's economic growth, while this video encouraging young people to sign up to the military looks like a trailer for a Michael Bay movie.