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Bizarre neck contraption lets you sleep upright

Napping accessories take a turn for the weird with the UpRight Sleeper, a padded brace that lets you sleep while sitting up.

UpRight Sleeper
For times when horizontal surfaces are scarce. UpRight Sleeper

The Ostrich Pillow personal nap tunnel already gave plenty of people the heebie-jeebies. Now, there's something even stranger invading the napping-accessories market. The UpRight Sleeper is a modified neck brace that holds your head in place so you can snooze while sitting.

The contraption is adjustable so it can sit under your chin or go up around your forehead. It moves around to accommodate different head shapes and sizes. A back strap is trapped between your back and your seat to keep everything in place.

The device is clearly aimed at travelers who are tired of inflatable pillows and stiff necks from napping in planes, trains, and automobiles. Unfortunately, most of those activities require wearing it in public where people are likely to snap pictures of you and post them on Imgur.

You can get the UpRight Sleeper on its own or buy the deluxe kit with a tote and satin or fleece cover for $46.99.

I've heard the old story about the woman with the ribbon around her neck. (Don't remove the ribbon! It's the only thing holding her head on). I get the same sort of creepy feeling from the satiny cover version of the UpRight Sleeper.

If you do decide to buy an UpRight Sleeper and use it in public, you'll probably want to bury your head in an Ostrich Pillow to hide it -- unless you enjoy endless inquiries from strangers about what you did to hurt your neck.

(Via Gizmodo)