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Bizarre dishes-scrubbing robot looks like an Alien facehugger

No dishwasher, no problem. Use this freaky plate-cleaning robot instead.

The perfect solution for lazy people.


You don't have a dishwasher. You hate doing dishes. You could let your plates pile up in the sink, creating a modern art sculpture held together by dried food, or you could buy a handheld robot that scrubs your filthy china for you. Buy the robot.

SoraNews24 brought our attention to a gadget that looks both insane and useful at the same time. It acts like an added appendage. It comes in bright green and uses robotic fingers to grip a plate. A mouth-like brush clamps down on the plate and it spins the dish around to clean it. 

The waterproof dish-bot operates on a rechargeable battery and, yes, it sure looks like the illegitimate three-way lovechild of an Alien facehugger, a crocodile and an oversized toothbrush.

While the robot can be operated with one hand, a demonstration video shows a person pushing down a bit on the scrub brush part at first to get a good clean.

As the video shows, the robot can also take on small bowls, chopsticks and forks, and can give an assist with the rinsing process. What it can't tackle are items like large mixing bowls, casserole dishes and your Instant Pot liner. You're going to have to wash those using your own puny human muscles.

The robot comes from retailer Thanko, which delivers to Japan. You may need to get creative to order this bot from other parts of the world. If you buy one, then you might want to keep it well clear of your face, just in case.