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Bits from Beyond Binary--Dec. 13, 2007

Activision sued over Guitar Hero III, Vista beta testers get Office service pack automatically and Microsoft looks for a Windows information minister, all in today's installment of BfBB.

  • Activision sued over 'Guitar Hero' for Wii--Suit follows admission by Activision that the Wii version of Guitar Hero III was outputting mono, rather than the advertised stereo sound.

  • Office 2007 SP1 autoinstalls confuse Vista, XP users--While most users won't get the Office service pack automatically for some time, beta testers of Vista Service Pack 1 are having the update pushed automatically.

  • Microsoft's Ministry of Truth--Blogger Long Zheng noted last week that Microsoft is hiring for a Director of Windows Client Disclosure, a position designed to making sure there are "zero surprises," when it comes to operating system news. Eek.

  • Facebook Business Solutions--A funny parody of Facebook in the wake of its "Beacon" fiasco. Read this now, before Facebook's lawyers get it taken down.