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Bits from Beyond Binary--Dec. 12, 2007

Is Microsoft-served ads slowing down Web sites? Plus, what is Ask erasing, and what are the others keeping? And a 'Knight Rider' comeback and more.

Here's a collection of links from the "Stuff I'm reading" section. To see these as they post, come back to the Beyond Binary blog and check out the right-hand column. I recommend doing it ten times a day, but, the digest below is here for those that have other things to do:

  • Are Microsoft-served ads slowing down Web sites?--Blogger Long Zheng noticed that his recent visits to Digg had been slowed by ad requests to MSN. He did some more, well digging, and found that some other sites with MSN-served ads are also sluggish. (istartedsomething)

  • Just what is Ask erasing, and what are the others keeping?--The NYT's Saul Hansell checks in on what Ask's eraser actually deletes and looks at what the other big search companies are holding on to.

  • Man chugs liter of vodka in airport security line--He nearly died, but he did avoid having to pay to check another bag. Doctors say he will live, though, narrowly missing his chance to earn a spot in this year's Darwin Awards. (AP via MSNBC)

  • NBC plans Knight Rider comeback--NBC is bringing back Knight Rider, one of my favorite shows from childhood. Still unclear whether it will be a one-time thing or a whole new series. It will be interesting to see how well the revamp takes. (TV Week)