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Bitcasa offers infinite online storage for less than £7

To infinity -- and not beyond, because infinite storage is quite big, and that's what Bitcasa is offering for less than £7 a month.

To infinity -- and that's it really, because you can't go beyond infinity. Fortunately, infinite storage is quite big, and that's what Bitcasa is offering, for less than £7 a month.

Bitcasa is a cloud storage service that gives you unlimited online space to save as many movies, tunes, photos and files as you like, ready to access anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can get at your Bitcasa vault through an app on your computer, phone, or tablet; or through the browser on any device. You can even listen to music or watch films from Bitcasa.

This is version 2.0 of Bitcasa, coming to the UK and Europe for the first time and souping up the mobile apps. The update brings a new look for the Android and iOS apps, which give you easy access to recent files -- whether recently viewed or recently added.

Your data is kept safe because it's encrypted on your device before it's sent to the cloud -- so Bitcasa says even they can't see it. For extra security, the apps have a pin code.

If you do want others to see your files, you can also quick a link to share the file with friends so they can stream it instantly.

Other online storage services include Dropbox, Mozy, Apple iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive, but they all impose limits on how much you can store.

Bitcasa costs £7 per month or £70 per year for infinite storage -- and there's a 20 per cent discount running throughout August if you enter the code UKEU20. If you want to try it for free, you can store up to 10GB.

How do you keep your data safe? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.