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These concept dishes using lab-grown meat look kind of gross (Tomorrow Daily 177)

On today's show, Khail and Ashley discuss lab-grown meat and why one designer wants future food to look crazy, watch two guys jetpack around in the skies above Dubai and explain why autonomous 18-wheelers could be a boon for personal self-driving cars someday.

Whoa, it's Tuesday already, and we're back with a trio of stories that will lift your spirits and make you excited about the future. There's lab-grown meat dishes that look crazy and futuristic, but they're only concepts right now. Maybe someday you'll be able to order celebrity meat cubes and beef oysters from your local lab and bistro, but right now, it's just a website full of insane ideas.

You'll also be amazed at these two guys who put on jetpacks and went flying around Dubai. Seriously, they soar over the city and around buildings like the Burj Khalifa, and it's an incredible sight. Lastly, we're discussing autonomous commercial trucks and how they might change the way truckers spend their time in their truck cabs.

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177: Conceptual meat dishes grown in a lab look amazing...and disgusting

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

  • Bistro in Vitro offers conceptual meat dishes to explore lab-grown meats and how people view them
  • Two guys strap on jetpacks and fly around over Dubai, we get jealous
  • Inspiration is a self-driving big rig with official clearance to drive in Nevada
  • New Releases: Mad Max, Ultratron, Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered
  • User Feedback: Your #TDComedy feedback, and our Phonetographer of the Day

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