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Birdly uses VR, a fan and your flapping arms to simulate flight (Tomorrow Daily 151)

On today's show, Ashley and Khail check out bird-flight simulator Birdly (complete with hydraulic flapping arm mechanism), a father and son in China turning spare car parts into huge model Transformers, and explain how Boeing's newest patent reminds us of sci-fi force fields.

Happy Thursday, everyone! We're here with the last show this week, and it's filled with all kinds of weird fun. First, we're discussing Birdly, a crazy installation that forces you to lay face down and stick your hands into "wings" on each side, and then slaps an Oculus Rift on your head and makes you feel like a bird in flight.

We're also checking out some major Transformers figures made out of used car parts, courtesy of a man and his son in China. They decided to start making them after becoming huge fans of the most recent film, and now, they're pulling in over a million yuan a year selling their custom creations.

Lastly, Boeing had an interesting patent approved this week; it sounds almost like sci-fi force fields, but it's actually a little bit more complicated than a fancy shield for someone or something, it's designed to buffer shockwave damage from incoming explosions.

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151: Birdly uses VR, a fan and your flapping arms to simulate flight

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