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Bird will let you earn free scooter rides by snapping 'helmet selfies'

The company is also launching a marketplace for protective gear.

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Wearing a helmet could get you free rides from Bird.

James Martin

Snapping a photo of yourself in a helmet could score you rewards with Bird. The scooter company is rolling out a helmet selfie feature with perks like ride credits when users take a picture of themselves wearing a helmet at the end of their ride, Bird said in a blog post Tuesday. 


Snap a selfie to get rewards.


The helmet selfie initiative is first launching in Washington DC. 

The company is also launching Bird Safety Marketplace, a resource for finding curated protective gear like helmets and safety accessories. 

Electric scooters have led to several rider injuries and even deaths, giving Bird good reason to promote the use of a helmet. Companies like Lime and Bird have warned riders about going on hills in scooters, and some user agreements caution against exceeding weight limits. Riders are also advised to perform a basic safety check beforehand to examine brakes, lights and wheels. Still, wearing a helmet can prevent many scooter injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.