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Bipedal robot walks a tightrope for human amusement

A well-balanced bipedal robot practices for the upcoming robot revolution by walking a tightrope.

Biped robot walks tightrope
Less messy than a pet monkey. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We're in a golden age for robots. They've gotten to the point where they can do amazing and impressive things, but they're not so advanced as to take over the world and enslave humankind just yet. Until that day comes, we can enjoy the antics of a biped robot walking a tightrope.

Created by a mysterious Dr. Guero, the robot easily proves its superiority to humans by patiently strolling along a tightrope like it's no big deal. It accomplishes this feat on video despite the presence of a pumping techno soundtrack.

The small humanoid bot starts and finishes its stunt on platforms. The final precarious step at the end is particularly fun to watch. It even takes a victory bow.

The robot's arms move to balance it as it makes its way along its death-defying journey. There is no net. Once false step could mean a tumble into a pool full of cyborg sharks (or possibly the floor) below.

Now we're just waiting helplessly for Dr. Guero to unleash his army of trapeze-clinging, tightrope-walking robots out of a robotic clown car. The world as we know it is well and truly doomed.

(Via Geekologie)