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'BioShock' to get the film treatment

BioShock the video game is being adapted into a movie with Gore Verbinski signed on to direct.

Take-Two Interactive

No one can argue with the fact that last year's BioShock was a milestone in interactive storytelling as far as a video game is concerned. 2K Games was able to create such a unique setting and mood all while engaging us in a thrilling narrative like nothing we've seen before. Naturally, an experience such as this seemed ultimately destined for the big screen, and now Variety is reporting that Universal Studios will be the company bringing the underwater city of Rapture to a theater near you.

But perhaps the biggest news to come out of all this is whom Universal has lined up to direct the dystopian drama. Gore Verbinski, famed director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, has signed on while accomplished screenwriter John Logan (Sweeny Todd, The Aviator) is in talks to write the script.

It would appear that all the pieces are in place for BioShock to break the curse of disappointing movies adapted from video games. Even more encouraging, Verbinski says that BioShock has the strongest narrative of any game he's played, which is why he wants to bring it to the silver screen. Just promise us there won't be any CG Big Daddies and you're already headed in the right direction.

2K Games has recently confirmed that BioShock will also be getting a video game sequel with lead designer Ken Levine involved once again.

Will bringing in top dogs like Verbinski and (hopefully) Logan finally make BioShock a video game flick worth watching? Would you kindly leave a comment and let us know what you think?

Source: Variety via Kotaku.