<b>Iomega Software 5.5.1 update is out; related issues

Iomega Software 5.5.1 update is out; related issues

Iomega has released a new version of its Zip/Jaz software. Although listed as version 5.5.1, it includes components that have other version names. For example, Iomega Tools is version 6.1. The online software still does not include a version of Findit or Copy Machine (the last version with these utilities was 4.3.2 or thereabouts).

By the way, to make sure you are set to update the driver on existing Jaz or Zip disks, access the Iomega Drive Options control panel and select Advanced Options from the Special menu in the menubar.

New features

New features of Iomega Tools 6.1 include an ability to (1) diagnose a disk for problems, (2) tell you the serial number of a disk and (3) report a disk's remaining "life." Details are in the documentation that comes with the software.

The software update also supports the new Zip Plus and Jaz 2GB drives (thanks, Todd Bangerter). It even allows Zip and Jaz disks to be formatted for DOS.

Scott Aronian writes: "One of the best new features is that it allows formatting in the background."

According to Rich Lo: "Iomega Tools also allows Mac OS 8.1 users to format disks using Mac OS Standard, Mac OS Extended, and Mac OS Maximized." As noted on the MRP, Mac OS Maximized only appears if Alsoft's PlusMaximizer is installed (Thanks, Christopher Stone).

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