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<b>Internet Config settings problems

Internet Config settings problems

Rob Dewhirst reports that installing RealAudio 3.x or RealPlayer 4.x will erase your Internet Config settings and replace them with its own.

David-Artur Daix (as well as the Macintosh Resource Page for April 16) describe similar Internet Config changes when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

On a related note (and possibly also related to launch problems with Internet Explorer 3.0.1, as previously reported here) Ian Oliver writes that Explorer's release notes "detail a problem with RealPlayer 4.0 beta. Evidently it causes some damage to the 'Internet Preferences' file in the preferences folder. Removing this file (the pref. file for Internet Config) solves any problems associated with it." However, you will then have to re-enter your Config file information.

Update: InternetConfig 1.4b may be at the root of the RealAudio problems.