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Binoculars overcome caffeine addiction

The "the world's most powerful image-stabilizing binoculars."

Hammacher Schlemmer

Whether it's because of too much caffeine or advancing age (both, most likely), it's become increasingly difficult for us to hold a steady shot these days with the usual point-and-shoot cameras. The same is true with our binoculars at the track, when we're watching yet another nag come in last and ruining the trifecta we so brilliantly calculated.

So we were initially happy to see what's billed as "the world's most powerful image-stabilizing binoculars," which has something called a "passive mechanical stabilizer" that's supposedly "designed to counteract the vibrations caused by moving air, land or sea vehicles"--not to mention the hands of a middle-aged espresso fiend. We say "initially" happy because that was before we saw the price--$1,700. That's roughly 100 times more than our best day at Golden Gate Fields, ever.

If you'd rather go for looks and save enough to wager on the last race, a pair of "Ferrari Visios" might be a better bet.