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Binocular-camera takes photos in 3D

$2,000 device combines cameras and binoculars


For some reason we seem to be given to nostalgic references today, so we beg your indulgence. This item, for example, reminds us of the 3D-slide "View-Master" we had when we were kids.

The "StereoVision 3D VuCam" is slightly more sophisticated than what Fisher-Price had to offer. This gadget combines binocular lenses with two 3.1-megapixel cameras to take 3D photos, according to Gearfuse. You can even magnify the image first, previewing it on a pop-up LCD screen before shooting.

Now comes the tricky part--actually viewing the pictures in 3D. To see them with the naked eye you need a 3D monitor, which isn't exactly a household item (yet). But you can always use the old 3D glasses too. We just recommend that you don't use the folding-cardboard variety, as they wouldn't quite seem appropriate for a piece of equipment that costs $2,000.