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Bing Maps adds a telescopic lens

Users of Microsoft's mapping service can now "look up" and see what the stars look like from any vantage point on the globe.

Bing Maps is getting star-struck.

On Wednesday, Microsoft is adding a star-gazing feature to its Bing Maps service, allowing users to "look up" and see what the stars look like from any point on earth. I'm not sure if it is enough to make Robert Scoble shed more tears, but the new move does allow one to see the stars above them even when it is daylight.

Microsoft's Blaise Aguera y Arcas showed off the concept, which draws on Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope project, at last month's TED conference.

The Worldwide Telescope was first made available in 2008 as a piece of Windows software, followed by a Silverlight application and is now integrated with Bing Maps.

Here's the video of Aguera y Arcas' demo at TED: