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Bing Maps adds 165TB of new images of Earth

Doubling down, Bing Maps adds a stockpile of new satellite and photo images that cover 38 million square kilometers of the world.

Total coverage of new satellite imagery currently live on Bing Maps. Bing

Bing is now offering 165 terabytes of new birds-eye-view satellite shots of locations all over the Earth, from the Moroccan Mountains to Egypt's pyramids of Giza to the Extraterrestrial Highway in the U.S.

This is Microsoft's mapping engine's largest satellite data release ever. Before today, Bing Map's total amount of data was 129TB. So, what can be seen on the search engine's maps has now more than doubled in size.

"This release features imagery over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia," Bing wrote in a blog post today. "The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers."

Besides satellite imagery, Global Ortho photography taken from aircrafts or satellites is also included in this release of data. Bing says that as of this month, it completed 100 percent of aerial photography of the U.S. and is planning to finish Europe by the end of the year. The Global Ortho Photography on Bing Maps covers 9.54 million square kilometers.

To see more photos and satellite images, users can look at Bing Maps World Tour App.

Here are some samples of Bing's new satellite imagery:

Samples of new satellite imagery on Bing Maps. Bing