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Bing becomes search option for Apple

Microsoft's search engine joins Yahoo as an option on iPhone, though Google remains the default. Bing is also expected to become an option for Safari.

Among the flurry of news from Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech was the announcement that Bing will become a search option on the iPhone. Microsoft is expected to announce later on Monday that Bing will also be an option on the Mac and Windows versions of Safari.

Bing joins Yahoo as an option, but Google remains the default search engine, as a source told CNET last week was a possibility. Mehdi said it is nonetheless a big step for the Microsoft search engine.

"Apple today announced that Bing will be included as one of the search engine choices within Safari on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and within the Safari browser on the Mac and PC," Senior Vice President Yusuf Mehdi said in a blog post, expected to be posted later on Monday. "Needless to say, we are excited that Bing will be included as an option in Safari because it will make it easier for you to search and get the benefits of Bing."

Mehdi said that Microsoft has been working with Apple "over the last couple of months" to deliver Bing for Safari, including some HTML5 work for the iPhone version.

"In addition, we are continuing to improve our existing Bing mobile application for iPhone which makes it easy to search, map, and find commerce and movie times," Mehdi said. "We will have a new release with even more great features very soon. For those of you that have not already tried it, you can find it in the App Store today."