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<b>Illustrator 7: problem printing EPS files?

Illustrator 7: problem printing EPS files?

Rob Rodgers writes: "Since upgrading from Illustrator 6 to Illustrator 7, I've found that many of my files get Postscript errors when sent to the printer. I've taken several files to my service bureau and they also report Postscript errors with EPS files saved with Illustrator 7 compatibility. When I resave the EPS files with Illustrator 6 compatibility rather than Illustrator 7, the Postscript errors disappear."

Update: Two readers reply with additional thoughts on this matter:

James Magee writes: "We too have been experiencing these same problems. It seems to happen to us when printing 7.0 files from a Quark Xpress layout. The problem is more than likely Quark's inability to recognize and interpret the Postscript headers that are attached to the new Illustrator format. The same thing happened when Illustrator 5 appeared on the market."

Louis J. Brazil writes: "I too found this problem...but only on older Postscript Level 1 printers and imagesetters. This came about from some troubleshooting I did for a client and a service bureau. Taking these same files to a PS L2 printer and later model imagesetter produced no problems."