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Billionaire to build spaceport...where?

Billionaire to build spaceport...where?

Seems Lionel Luthor-like Virgin rich guy Richard Branson has caused quite a stir with his announcement that he would build a spaceport in New Mexico. It has also caused the media to go into geographical confusion. Reuters reports it will be located on "land north of La Cruces city" [sic]. MSNBC says it will be "near the White Sands Missile Range," which is north of Las Cruces. locates it "south of the town Truth or Consequences," fittingly enough. BetaNews safely sticks with "southern New Mexico." All of this information certainly helps triangulate the locale, but many media outlets touted that the spaceport would be in the state known for Area 51. They're getting it confused with Roswell, New Mexico, birthplace of Demi Moore and home of many UFO sightings. As every self-respecting space alien knows, Area 51 is in Nevada. Here's a map.