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Billion-dollar open-source opportunities: dime a dozen?

Open source companies are growing fast....

Alfresco's CEO, John Powell, wants and expects Alfresco to IPO. He thinks it will show the world that open source offers long-term staying power. John Roberts at SugarCRM is disappointed that MySQL didn't go public to provide evidence that open source is a viable business phenomenon.

Good points. Still, I suppose that I could be persuaded to give up my stake in Alfresco for a mere trifle: What is $1 billion between friends? :-)

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, is doing his part to not to let any companies get to that point:

"Those companies that have built good high-integrity communities, broad distribution, and some measure of commercial success are those we're going to be interested in," Schwartz said, and there are many that fit that bill. "We believe we're a natural home to a lot of them, and we're going to be putting our balance sheet to work to make that the case."

Sigh. I guess companies like Projity, JasperSoft, Pentaho, Openbravo, MuleSource, WS02, Volantis, Hyperic, etc. are just going to have to settle for a few billion, instead of complete world domination. Stinks to be them. :-)