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Bill Nye flies through superhero fact and fiction

The science guy takes a break from saving the world to ponder the plausibility of super powers.

Champion of science Bill Nye knows a thing or two about saving the world. 

With the second season of his Netflix show, "Bill Nye Saves the World" set to air on Netflix on Dec. 29, the science guy stopped by CNET to talk up his latest adventures. The new season sees him exploring the mysteries of marijuana and time travel -- although not in the same episode. 

But Nye also had some time to help us get to the bottom of arguably a bigger question: How much real science is behind our favorite superhero fiction? Watch the video below to join us in our epic quest for answers:

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(Come on, like you didn't wonder if Spider-Man webbing could really exist.)

Although Nye's newest episodes don't unmask the science of superheroes, he does talk about superbugs. Unfortunately, antibiotic-resistant superbugs can't be defeated with Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, nor with Captain America's Vibranium shield.