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Bill Nye to President Trump: Come on, send humans to Mars

The Science Guy and CEO of the Planetary Society has five recommendations for the president, and he's happy to meet with him in person.

Next stop, Mars? That's what Bill Nye, commonly known as "The Science Guy," but also CEO of the nonpartisan Planetary Society, would like to see happen -- and he's sharing that opinion with President Donald Trump in a video released Tuesday.

"You have the opportunity to provide clear direction to our nation's space program," Nye tells the president. "The advances and discoveries made on your watch could be historic."

Nye offers five recommendations for the US space program from himself and the society's board, and the Red Planet ranks high.

"No. 1, keep the planet Mars as the goal for human space exploration," Nye says. He also advises that Mars be orbited first, citing a workshop that produced a plan to put humans in orbit around Mars in the year 2033, with a landing two years later.

The other three recommendations are strengthening NASA science, embracing commercial space and increasing NASA's budget by 5 percent for each of the next five years.

"These small increases would give NASA the resources necessary to achieve its goals," Nye says in the video. "Without these budget increases, NASA won't have the ability to send humans anywhere." He also offers to meet the president, vice-president, or members of the president's staff to discuss the plan in person.

The in-depth report is available for download.

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