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Tech Industry

Bill Gates's Book Due Friday

Microsoft founder Bill Gates's new book The Road Ahead will hit bookstores Friday. The book details Gates's predictions for the future of the Internet, and how it will affect business.

Excerpts from The Road Ahead appear in the current edition of Newsweek. London's Sunday Times has also published portions.

The book comes with a CD-ROM with links to information on the Net, video clips of Gates's speeches, and a tour of the home he's building in Washington. The book will be priced at $29.95.

It's a critical time for Microsoft in terms of its Net strategy. The company is scrambling to head off Sun Microsystems' Java programming language. On December 7, Gates wil outline Microsoft's Net development strategy, touting Visual Basic as a stronger programming language for online apps than Java.

While waiting for The Road Ahead to arrive in bookstores, Gates watchers can check out the Unofficial Bill Gates page and enjoy some Gates-inspired humor on numerous Web sites, including Indisputable Proof That Bill Gates is the Devil and Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church.