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Bill Gates' new venture: A think tank?

A new tech site from former Seattle P-I reporter Todd Bishop has the scoop on BGC3, Gates' latest endeavor. Its trademark application covers "think tank services."

Former Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Todd Bishop launched his new Web site on Wednesday with an interesting post on what Bill Gates is up to.

BGC3's logo, as filed with the Trademark Office.

The software icon and philanthropist is affiliated with something called BGC3, essentially the name given to Gates' non-Microsoft, non-foundation office. Bishop's source says it's not a commercial venture, while the company's trademark application covers "think tank services."

The company applied for a trademark on the BGC3 name and a C3 logo on September 29. Just what the company plans to do with that trademark remains to be seen.

Gates told CNET News as he was retiring from full-time Microsoft work in June that he planned to open a separate office, though at the time, he didn't detail plans for a new company.

The BGC3 report marks a good start for Bishop, whose TechFlash site officially launched Wednesday. Bishop and John Cook both left the Seattle P-I last month to set up the new site, which is backed by the Puget Sound Business Journal.