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Bill Gates, live from Mix '06

Microsoft's ready to mix it up with Web rivals, Gates tells Plus: What he really thinks about cheap PCs.

LAS VEGAS--Microsoft is ready to mix it up with rivals who've staked out the Web as the new terrain for software applications.

That's the message from the tech powerhouse's newest conference, Mix '06, taking place here this week. After delivering his keynote address, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates sat down for an interview with CNET's Martin LaMonica to discuss Web 2.0, mobile PCs and more.

Also, see video from and read a full-length interview with him from Mix '06.

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Gates on Web 2.0

Microsoft is eager to play a role in delivering the "cool content experience," Gates says. What's cool? Things like image overlays, community contributions and, Gates adds, is using Microsoft's Atlas framework.

Gates says he loves using new video sites, but it's hard to say which will survive. Still, he says, "there's room for great success stories." The commerce scene is where people will see the most inventiveness.

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Gates on Google

While Google is a formidable competitor, Gates acknowledges--"they can do anything they want," he says--it's not the only one to watch out for on the Web.

"I'm a total believer in the tablet thing," Gates says--just witness Microsoft's Origami efforts--but PCs will take many shapes, with input ranging from ink to speech. Plus: What he really thinks about low-cost PCs.

There's still a lot to be done with fitting software--from calendars to media applications--to various computing devices. Plus: Why Ray Ozzie is so important.

Microsoft's rocky experiences with software and social exploits targeting Internet Explorer have helped make the newest version a "bulletproof environment," Gates says.